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Ladbrokes youtube

ladbrokes youtube

£50 free bet on Ladbrokes. This step-by-step guide explains how to get a £50 free bet from Ladbrokes. Visit. Bounty and the Beanstalk, FOBT Slot Machine Playing Most Highly Rated Online Casino ▻▻ financialtips.co. THE LADBROKES DANCE GIRLS TALK TUNGSTENTALES. The second VOD ad, seen on 4OD, featured the character "The Believer" playing football. Recommended resources Social Responsibility: Youtube, Clear Channel, JC Decaux and Primesight responded as outlined at point 1. He likes his odds long and ladbrokes youtube wins big. Notwithstanding the above, we disagreed with Ladbrokes' and Clearcast's views that the characters in the ad were "uncool", and that the ads did not in any way depict or suggest a glamorous lifestyle. Europalace casino no deposit The ASA received 98 complaints. On that basis, we concluded that the ads did not breach the Codes. As well as stating that betting was shown to be only one, incidental, part of the backdrop to the characters' lives, Ladbrokes noted that the ads did not show large bets and in the case of ad k in fact referred to the amount as only "a few quid" or isolated gambling, or suggest in any way that gambling took precedence over other events. They are the have-a-go heroes of Saturday afternoon. The third VOD ad, seen on 4OD and Demand 5, was the same as ad c. Financial products and services Legal and regulation Pricing and charges Promotions and competitions Property sales and lettings Recruitment and work. The second VOD ad, seen on 4OD, featured the character "The Believer" playing football. They also commented that the ads showed each of the men alongside some kind of vulnerability; for example, Mr. We agreed that, in that context, viewers would not interpret the woman's attraction to The Believer, which took place at a location removed from the betting shop, as a direct consequence of his gambling and therefore that the ads did not link gambling to seduction, sexual success or enhanced attractiveness. Recommended resources Social Responsibility: Ladbrokes confirmed that in order to minimise the exposure of unders to the advertising, ads e to j had not been positioned within a metre radius of any school. However, regardless of that fact the scene took place at a party and as she could not be aware of the character's pursuits outside of that setting there was no link between her behaviour and gambling. Brightside dancing in a club on the condition that no one would react positively to his dancing, develop eye contact or appear sexually interested in him, in order to ensure that the ad portrayed a carefree attitude and an enjoyment of dancing. On balance, however, and in view of the tongue-in-cheek style of the ads, we considered that most viewers would understand the mock-heroic intent of the voice-over and would not interpret the ads to imply that gambling would confer admiration or otherwise enhance personal qualities. The third VOD ad, seen on 4OD and Demand 5, was the same as ad c. At the stadt of the ad, the group was shown walking in slow motion down an alleyway whilst music played. BBH Partners LLP Complaint Ref: Voice-over stated, "Look up 'ambition' in the dictionary and you'll find this face screaming back at you. Unacceptable contact Careers Transparency Cymru. However, as set out at point 1 above, we recognised that the ads portrayed a wide-ranging view of the characters' social pursuits and did not focus unduly on gambling as the defining or central part of their lives. The other site owner, Primesight, did not provide any comments. Not upheld The CAP Code prohibited gambling ads that were directed at those below 18 years of age through the selection of media or the context in which they appeared. Further, they felt that the phrases assigned to the characters would be understood as each one's own pseudo-philosophical musings rather than direct commentary from Ladbrokes presenting a call to engage in betting. However, as those particular locations were stops on the London public transport system we understood them to be likely to attract a more general audience and therefore concluded that the posters had not been directed at unders. He likes his odds long and his wins big. They confirmed that they had not received any complaints directly and stated that the ad, which they noted appeared only on Ladbrokes' own Youtube channel, did not seem to be in breach of their content Community Guidelines relating to uploaded video content.

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Ladbrokes Crossbar Challenge - Wigan Warriors ladbrokes youtube

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